Pamper Yourself During Your Periods

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Having your period can be a real bummer — as if you did not already know! The bloating, the cramps, the PMS, the ATTITUDE ... the list goes on and on! Every month you are bound to feel your worst. That is just how periods work. What better reason to treat yourself like the queen you are with these tips on how to pamper yourself during your period?

Take a Bubble Bath

There's nothing more soothing and relaxing than lying down in a steaming hot bubble bath. First, make sure you can hog the bathroom for at least 45 minutes — making sure that no one will be banging on the door every 5 minutes because that is NOT relaxing.

Set the mood by lighting a couple of scented candles around the bath to fill the air with a nice smell. Play some mellow tunes (don't place the player on the edge of the bath for obvious electrocuting reasons!). Fill the bath with tons of bubbles and great-smelling soap. Then lie back and chill out!

Plan a Movie Night

What types of movies do you like best: comedy, drama, thriller or action? Stream a few movies and veg out on the couch. Just go with your cravings and indulge in your favorite snacks. Buy yourself a box of chocolate or a bag of gourmet jellybeans or anything else you feel like munching on. Looking for something salty? Mix onion dip mix with sour cream and grab your favorite crisps. (The downside ... the calories still count!)

Dress Up or Dress Way Down

Wear comfy leggings or tracksuit bottoms ALL DAY. There is nothing better than your favorite pair of trackies. They are soft and comfortable, and you look great in them no matter what time of the month it is.

Or you could go down the other route. Dress up! Sometimes when you're feeling really down and icky, dressing up can be a real mood lifter and a great way to treat yourself. Take extra time in the morning to do your hair or fix yourheadscarf in a certain style and pick out an outfit that is dressy but comfortable. You'll feel extra pretty all day. You'll get so many compliments that you'll forget you're even on your period!

Go to Your Favourite Restaurant

Plan a night to go to your favorite restaurant with your favorite person, whether that's your husband, your best friend or your mum! Splurge on a starter and a fun fruity drink. Pick a belly-filling comfort food main course.

No matter how you choose to treat yourself like a queen, make sure it is something that makes you feel relaxed and really special, in the end you know best how to pamper yourself during your period. It can be something as simple as reading a good book, painting your nails or taking an extra-long shower. Having your period is tough already enough — treat yourself to something special!

How do you spoil and pamper yourself on your period?