Our Epic Battle

Women drive the world, and we believe it. It sets all of us up for an epic battle

Girl taking charge

Join us on our mission that encourages girls to embrace failure as a way to build unwavering confidence.

Puberty is a life-altering phase and girls can feel let down by the fear of failure. We found that girls around the world do not feel confident enough to engage in new activities with the fear of failure hanging above their heads. ALWAYS wants to change that.

Failure is important and the way to success. It is the fuel that helps us strive harder, learn from mistakes, and grow stronger. It builds confidence and helps us reach greater heights. Over the years, we have successfully encouraged and supported girls on their way to the top. From educating millions of young girls about puberty to assisting them in understanding menstrual hygiene, our efforts have made girls feel more confident about their bodies.

Building Confidence – The ALWAYS Way

H2: Building Confidence – The ALWAYS Way

Education is Empowering

ALWAYS believes that education plays a vital role in the empowerment of women. Therefore, we work with educators, experts, and torch-bearing women to bring about a change in the world. We empower the world one educated girl at a time.

Strengthening Girl Power

ALWAYS serves girls around the world and empowers them to celebrate life. We have partnered with more than 60 global organizations to deliver sanitary pads to girls who are in need. Our wide reach across has ensured that puberty and menstruation do not come in the way of girl power.