What We Promise

Women deserve a life of fulfilment and we’re here to support everyone

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You Embrace Life, We Cheer You On

We believe that women are incredible. And we are here to help you unleash your full potential.

You are special and can achieve every little thing that you dream. So, while you stride forward, depend on ALWAYS, your biggest cheerleader

Powered by Innovation

Women deserve nothing but the best.

We don’t believe in compromises. We focus on innovations that keep up with the changing times, so you can stay unstoppable. Every sanitary pad and pantyliner is created to give you the perfect fit and deliver optimal comfort. Each time you use an ALWAYS pad or panty liner, you barely feel that you are wearing one. 

ALWAYS is also proud of holding the record of inventing the first pad with wings and the world’s first foam pad. We believe in innovative cheerleading so that you can change the world.