Always Breathable Soft, Maxi Thick Feminine Care Pads


Why You Will Love it!

  • Breathable Cottony Softness, 0% stuffiness

  • Soft top sheet for your delicate skin

  • First pad from Always to be cottony soft and breathable

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Additional Product Information

Always Breathable Soft pads Maxi Thick with wings offers you true breathable softness, down to 0% stuffiness. Try it yourself, 98% of women who tried it like it. This pad is the first to be both soft (on center and wings) and breathable so you can give your skin the care and love it deserves. Always Breathable Soft Maxi Thick is rated as being softer to your skin than any other cottony brands.

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Absorption technology

Absorbs 10x its weight so you barely feel it

Leakage Protection

Super absorbent micro holes

Top Sheet

Cushiony Soft

Pad Benefit

Ultra thin with flexfoam technology

Odour lock technology
Upto 8 hour protection