ALWAYS Clean & Dry Maxi Thick, sanitary pads


Why You Will Love it!

  • Up to 100% dryness & comfort even when you move

  • Dry topsheet keeping wetness away from skin

  • Anti-leakage barriers in the front, back, and center

30 Count

Additional Product Information

Experience up to 100% dryness & comfort with ALWAYS Clean & Dry Maxi Thick sanitary pads. With a dry topsheet that keeps wetness away from your skin, and absorbing flexi pillows which move with you and keep friction away from your skin, you stay fresh and clean all throughout the day. ALWAYS Clean & Dry Maxi Thick pads also have an extra-absorbent core that instantly absorbs liquid and locks it inside for ALWAYS’ comfortable protection.

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Absorption technology

Absorbs 10x its weight so you barely feel it

Leakage Protection

Super absorbent micro holes

Top Sheet

Cushiony Soft

Pad Benefit

Ultra thin with flexfoam technology

Odour lock technology
Upto 8 hour protection