PMS Treatments

Mood Swings During Period

Sometimes your period comes without warning, and other times it announces itself loudly and proudly.

We’re talking about PMS, which stands for pre-menstrual symptoms. This can mean headaches, cramps, bloating, and more.

PMS is a normal part of getting your period. Sure, it’s not the most fun, but there are lots of PMS treatments, so they definitely don’t have to rule your life.

Hurray for that! Learning about PMS treatment can make getting your period feel more manageable. So, here goes!


1 What are the symptoms of PMS?

But first – a little about PMS. It can vary from girl to girl and even from month to month. They can include mood swings, bloating, period cramps, backaches, and headaches.

Which PMS symptoms you feel and the intensity you experience them at any given time are affected by changes in lifestyle, diet, and hormone over the past month.

Different premenstrual symptom treatments address different symptoms, so you might want to experiment to find just the right mix that works for you.


If all else fails and you’re still left searching for ways on how to treat PMS, ask your parents or an adult you trust about taking an over-the-counter pain medication.

If there’s one nice thing about getting PMS, it’s that it lets you know that your period is around the corner. This means you have time to prepare by making sure you’ve got some sanitary pads stashed in your bag, locker, and loo.