Always Zero Feel with Flexfoam, Large and Night Sanitary pads


Why You Will Love It!

  • Always Zero Feel Sanitary Pads with FlexFoam technology absorbs 10x its weight, yet you can barely feel it

  • Super absorbent micro holes that pull liquid away for a clean skin feeling

  • Super flexible, fits to your body and stays in place with zero bunching for amazingly comfortable protection

  • Up to zero leaks, so you can stay clean and protected throughout your day and night

  • Up to zero irritation with a breathable soft top layer and dermatologically endorsed by Skin Health Alliance

  • Up to 100% odour protection

Large Size 13 Count

Additional Product Information

Looking for period protection that feels like nothing, and protects like nothing else? Always Zero Feel pads with FlexFoam technology are designed to absorb ten times their weight, while providing you with up to zero leaks and up to 100% odour protection- keeping you clean and protected all day and all night long.

This super light and thin pad uses FlexFoam technology which pulls liquid away from the skin to keep you dry and locks liquid in the bottom layer so you can’t feel it. Even on heavy days, you will feel incredible comfortable protection without bunching up, no matter how you move. Plus, they stay in place and fit closely to your body, adapting to your individual shape. For up to zero irritation on your skin, Always Zero Feel is dermatologically endorsed by the Skin Health Alliance.

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Absorption technology

Absorbs 10x its weight so you barely feel it

Leakage Protection

Super absorbent micro holes

Top Sheet

Superior Softness

Pad Benefit

Ultra thin with flexfoam technology

Odour lock technology
Upto 8 hour protection