Always DreamZzz pad, Cotton Soft, Night long


Why You Will Love It!

  • 50% longer & 80% wider for better overnight protection

  • Leak protection barriers for leak-free night

  • Double wings for great stay in place & catches leaks

  • Cotton soft topsheet for true cottony soft protection

7 Count

Additional Product Information

Get uninterrupted sleep on your period with Always DreamZzz pad cotton soft with all around 360° coverage & protection! Always DreamZzz pad is our largest pad that ensures the ultimate secure night with longer length, wider back & double wings for an all-around 360° coverage for overnight protection against leakage & stains! It offers a breathable topsheet with true cottony softeness gentle to your skin for 0% stuffiness over night. Always Dreamzz is designed to protect you where others don’t, so you can sleep tight and dream big.

Find Your Perfect Fit
Absorption technology

Absorbs 10x its weight so you barely feel it

Leakage Protection

Super absorbent micro holes

Top Sheet

Superior Softness

Pad Benefit

Ultra thin with flexfoam technology

Odour lock technology
Upto 8 hour protection